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About us

Who we are and what we do

Nutratech is a family owned business located in Tallinn, Estonia. We believe a pet’s ability to live a happy, healthy and longevity successfully depends greatly upon properly administered and sustained food supplements. Thus, we have taken it as our company’s mission to improve pet’s everyday life by offering the best possible supplement. We use high quality ingredients in our food supplement formula to proactively build, maintain and repair functional systems.

Our product

AminoX includes a number of valuable ingredients that animals’ bodies need for everyday life.
18 most important amino acids
10 essential minerals
7 necessary vitamins

Our product has 18 most important amino acids. Out of these, 12 are irreplaceable amino acids that animals’ bodies are unable to synthesise independently. Amino acids help defeating health problems, stimulate metabolism and accelerate muscle recovery and growth.

* Supports the cardiovascular system and function of the brain
* Gives additional support for growth and recovery
* Helps to avoid allergies, dandruff and hair loss
* Keeps the coat healthy and shiny

AminoX contains approximately 68–72% of protein, which is essential for animals’ development and growth. AminoX’s 10 essential minerals contribute to the normal functioning of the animal’s body, help to build bone cartilage and boost the nervous system and muscle function.

A dietary supplement does not substitute a pet’s diverse diet.

Our products do not contain any wheat, corn, fillers, preservatives, artificial sugars, grains, gluten and by-products.

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