пищевая добавка для животных

amino x AminoX is a dietary
supplement for pets:

dogs, cats, horses

Contains 18 of the most
important amino acids

15 reasons to choose amino x

reasons to choose food supplement for animal

  • Optimize metabolic processes
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps work of cardiovascular system and brain
  • Maintaining the right level of fluid in the body
  • Additional support for growth and recovery
  • Provides healthy and shiny hair
  • Prevents allergies, dandruff and hair loss
  • Healthy Digestion
why Amino X

  • Growth and work of muscles and bones
  • Provision of blood oxygen
  • Increases Stamina
  • Increase the mobility of inflamed joints
  • Normalize the condition of the optic nerve
  • Prevents early aging
  • Prevent the appearance of malignant tumors

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amino x for animal

is a completely natural product

AminoX consists only of natural organic products, without synthetics, preservatives or colorants. Due to this, this dietary supplement does not have negative side effects and can be used beyond time limits without causing addiction.

It includes valuable marine products: dehydrated fish of northern seas (salmon, herring, codfish, scomber), Atlantic krill, krill and salmon oil.

natural product


Elemental composition
Protein 68-72 %
Fat max 12 %
Water max 10 %
Ash 10-18 %
Salt max 4 %
Water soluble protein min 18 % max 32 %
PH-Stat digestibility min 90 %
Amino acid content in g/kg
Glutamic acid 106.22 Threonine 35.89
Aspartic 76.81 Serine 35.51
Lysine 66.08 8 Proline 34.66
Leucine 62.47 Phenylalanine 34.42
Alanine 48.43 Tyrosine 29.01
Arginine 47.92 Methionine 26.07
Valine 46.76 Histidine 20.66
Glycine 43.61 Tryptophan 9.31
Isoleucine 38.75 Cystine 8.24
Minerals (content per kg)
Calcium 35.2 g
Phosphorus 23.9 g
Potassium 13.0 g
Sodium 7.3 g
Magnesium 2.2 g
Iron 332.0 mg
Zinc 106.0 mg
Manganese 15.0 mg
Copper 5.0 mg
Selenium 2.38 mg
Vitamins (content per kg)
Niacin 65.0 mg
Biotin 8.0 mg
Riboflavin 7.5 mg
Vitamin E 4.0 mg
Pyridoxine 2.5 mg
Tiamin 1.0 mg
Vitamin B12 0.04 mg



MORE THAN 3 packs

dietary supplement for pets

Recommendations for use and dosage



It is recommended to mix in the feed. In a case of wet food, stir with a small amount of water.

For best results, we recommend feed at least 2 months.

Young animals aged from 14 days to 9 months: : up to 2g per 1kg of the animal’s weight

Adult, pregnant, aged/weakened animals: up to 1g per 1kg of animal’s weight.

Lactating and work animals: up to 1,5g per 1kg of animal’s weight.

Horses: 100 – 300g.

1 tablespoon = approximately 15g

Initial dosages for primary use vary from a third to a half of the daily amount depending on the feed fatness and dog’s activity.


Feedback of our customers


Лучшая добавка для моих кошек, что мне приходилось покупать. Кошечки его просто обожают. Выглядят здоровыми, шерсть густая, пушистая. Повысилась активность, они стали больше играться, стали более дружелюбными.

Очень рада покупке и намерена дальше покупать для своих любимых питомцев!


Немецкая овчарка, 7 лет, с аллергией на некоторые продукты и проблемами с кожей/шерстью.
Кормлю кормом с добавкой Amino-X уже 9 месяцев: забыли про проблемы и с кожей, и с шерстью.
Собака набрала хороший вес и держит его (в норме, без излишеств)

Amino-X даю постоянно, качество отличное и цена радует.


В составе присутствует множество витаминов и минеральных веществ – это как раз то, что нужно!

Если честно, очень жалею, что не перевела свою собачку раньше на этоту добавку. Ведь раньше, мы постоянно бывали в клинике, из-за проблем с пищеварением, а теперь же все разрешилось. Стоило просто поменять питание.



Nutratech Eesti – is a family owned business located in Tallinn, Estonia.

We believe that well-made, healthy and long life of our pets. Therefore, our company’s mission is to improve pets’ everyday life by offering the best possible supplement to the basic food. We use the high-quality ingredients in our food supplement formula to actively build, maintain, and recover the functional systems of the animal body.

Since 2013 on the European market.

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